Accounting Software

VICOR offers the full line of Sage’s Business Works Gold, Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 and Sage MAS 500 Family of Products. These industry-tested solutions are designed for medium-sized businesses (with 10 to 1000 employees) that can benefit from its outstanding combination of high performance, breadth of application and ease of use, find out more below.

Sage 100 Standard

Recommended by more CPAs than any other business management application in its class, Sage 100 Standard offers a broad selection of feature-rich solutions including accounting, financial reporting, distribution, manufacturing and e-business management. The software is widely recognized for its ease of use and its ability to empower customers with insightful information.

Sage 100 Advanced

Sage 100 Advanced offers all the functionality of Sage MAS 100 Standard, but incorporates all the benefits of a client/server platform, including more efficiently distributed processing, high performance, enhanced data integrity and reliability, remote access support, and scalability.

Sage 100 Premium

Sage 100 Premium is the SQL version of the Sage 100 which offers the module functionality framework modules of Sage 100 Standard, but incorporates the benefits of a Microsoft SQL Server platform. This version is for those that demand the functionality of Microsoft SQL but still want the flexibility and ease of use of the Sage 100 design.  Available at an extremely attractive price, Sage 100 Premium is a highly competitive product with a best of breed pedigree. 

Below are some of the modules Sage 100 has to offer, please contact us for more!

Sage 100 Overview (PDF)
Accounts Payable (PDF)
Accounts Receivable (PDF)
Bank Reconciliation (PDF)
General Ledger (PDF)
Inventory Management (PDF)
Purchase Order (PDF)
Sales Order (PDF)
Bill of Materials (PDF)
Work Order *(PDF)
Job Cost *(PDF)
Payroll *(PDF)
Materials Requirements Planning  *(PDF)
KnowledgeSync (PDF)

* Not available in the Premium version

Sage Active Planner

Sage Active Planner allows you to take control of your budget processes. It provides dynamic, feature-rich solutions which allow for effective budget allocation and seamless integration of multiple department budgets. It allows you to utilize a flexible and powerful calculation engine to import and derive account values. It automatically integrates financial information from your general ledger, and it provides comprehensive security of sensitive data. Its convenient, easy to use features are designed to increase efficiency and automate your most critical business procedures. For more information, click below or call us today!

Sage Active Planner Overview (PDF)
Customer Success Story (PDF)