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Infor Provides World Class Software
Infor is the 3rd largest provider of business software in the world.  With over 2.8 Billion in sales, Infor is highly regarded for its international capabilities and best of breed ERPs and associated software business products.  VICOR is an associate partner of Infor, providing the well regarded Office of the CFO product line.

Office of the CFO - Infor SunSystems
This suite of products allows you to meet all your financial management challenges with the Infor Office of the CFO solutions.  This set of compllmentary products include the smartest core financial management product available - Infor SunSystems.  Other components include Infor Continuous Monitoring, Infor Corporate Performance Management, Infor ION Business Intelligence, Infor Performance Management Reporting and Analysis and Infor Expense Management. Office of CFO (PDF)

Infor SunSystems
Infor SunSystems ERP allows you to meet the change with confidence by allowing you to adapt to change without having to change your system.  The unique architecture allows you to track information your way while meeting GAAP and IFRS requirements.  SunSystems' design allowing up to 10 books simultaneously, make it a must for Non-Profits and companies with complex reporting requirements including reporting in local standards internationally.  It is multi-currency, multi-lingual, multi-tenant and multi-company capable. Infor SunSystems (PDF)

Infor SunSystems PSA (Project System)
Welcome to the most powerful and capable project management system available! The SunSystems PSA is a project module which can operate integrated with SunSystems Financials or independent of the project system.  Manage you your most valuable assets - people and projects in an international capable system.  Its Billing Manager, Project Repository, Time and Expense Manager are augmented with optional intra/inter company charging, multi-currency and the same Infor Query & Analysis reporting tool used by the core financials.  Infor SunSystems PSA (PDF)

Infor Query & Analysis
The Infor Q&A reporting tool which is a dynamic, multi-language, multi-currency reporting solution that is powerful, flexible, secure, and easy to use. Because the solution is tightly
integrated with Microsoft® Excel® , your users can adopt it quickly, with minimal training and technical skills. Infor Q&A (PDF)

Infor XM
Infor Expense Management provides the tools needed to reduce the time, hassle, and cost of expense reporting, and gives you the transparency and control necessary to comply with today’s stringent accounting standards. Click here for a demo.