Project Accounting Software

VICOR offers two solutions for project accounting, each with very different capabilities and scale.  In either case, the solutions provide flexible project costing and time tracking capabilities meeting Federal Contracting requirements of the FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations).

Sage 100 Job Cost

Sage 100 is recommended by more CPAs than any other business management application in its class.  The Job Cost module has a flexible architecture based around independent jobs, costcodes and cost types allowing it to meet requirements for a wide range of businesses such as construction, IT contractors, Federal Contractors, Non-profits with grant management needs, service providers and many more.  When paired the with Sage 100 Payroll, Time Card and Insperity's Timesheet Professional, companies have a powerful project costing and management solution which includes integrated web time and expense capabilities.  With numerous standard reports, customization capabilities and custom report writing using the SAP Crystal Reports, the system becomes a customizable and configurable solution for many environments. The software is widely recognized for its ease of use and its ability to empower customers with insightful information.

This solution is available for Sage 100 Standard and Sage 100 Advanced but is not available for Sage 100 Premium.

Below are brochures relating to the Sage 100 Solution!

Job Cost (PDF)
Payroll (PDF)
Time Card(PDF)
Insperity Timesheets(PDF)

Infor SunSystems PSA

One of the most capable Project Management systems available is the Infor SunSystems PSA.  It can be integrated with the SunSystems Financials or operate standalone or even integrated with another ERP.  It is a full international capable system with multi-currency and multi-lingual features as well as flexible analysis codes giving it unparalleled flexibility and depth.

Features of the PSA
1) Feature rich project repository which  allows users to define projects and store key information relating to project setup, client rates, and
project-specific activities and tasks. Powerful built-in inquiry and report-writing keeps project managers ahead of the game while the Event logger to monitors key performance indicators associated with a project..The system can archive and historically file projects.

2) Flexibile Billing which handle all types of billing in any
combination or allow adjustments to be made at any stage. The
Billing Manager automatically processes disbursements and expense
recovery using agreed uplifts, and allows users to bill clients

3) Time and Expense Management for processing, reporting, scheduling, and decision making across the enterprise, ensuring that the accuracy of information upon which other processes are based is not compromised. Also included in this web product is a robust approval process and event managment.

4) Resource Manager allows project and resource managers to share knowledge—helping them create effective schedules and optimize resource utilization. The application is particularly relevant to organizations with multiple resource pools under separate management and in separate locations.

5) Other features are multi-currency feature, integration with Microsoft Project and Inter/Intra company charging.

Below is a brochure on the Infor SunSystems PSA, call us for more!

Infor SunSystems PSA (PDF)