VICOR Business Services provides technical support services for all of our software and hardware systems. Our technicians are fully trained and certified to provide the best service possible to all of our Clients. The following describes the services that we provide:

System Selection Support - Our professional staff can assist in the selection of an appropriate system by performing the requirements analyses, system capability reviews and system recommendations.

Implementation Support - We can assist you in properly and efficiently implementing your system. We can provide resources assessment and analysis, implementation planning, implementation assistance, on-site training and VICOR-site training.

Data Conversion Services - This service offers a straightforward migration path from other accounting packages to Sage MAS 90, Sage MAS 200 and Sage MAS 500 simply and easily. VICOR Business Services had been certified in the Data Migration program.

Training Services - We are certified instructors who provide both onsite and classroom training from our Sage Authorized Training Centre ATC. For more information on our training center click here.

Software Upgrades - Bi-annual upgrades of the Sage Software Solution. Upgrade software is provided at cost with a current Sage Software annual Client Care agreement. Sage Software provides at least on upgrade per year. A major upgrade provides additional enhancements and features, and it usually has a change. A minor upgrade provides any patches, tax tables' changes and other minor enhancements.

Support Services - VICOR will provide the following Support Services on an as needed case by case basis.

Telephone Support Services -This includes technical support and system related discussions over the telephone or e-mail.

On-Site Support - This includes those services that require VICOR staff and/or associates to go to the client's site.

Remote Support Services - This service allows VICOR to solve on-site problems remotely from our office. Call us to find out more!

Implementation Services - This service includes installation of the software on your hardware, system configuration of the modules to enhance performance in your operating environment and system initialization to ensure an accurate starting point. The extent of the services provided will be based upon your directions.

Date Conversion Specialist - This service offers a straight forward path from other accounting packages to Sage MAS 90 and MAS 200 simply and easily. VICOR Business Services has been certified in the Data Migration program.

Email VICOR a case - Utilizing Sage CRM 200, VICOR can efficiently receive and distribute technical support issues sent via email. Click on the like to send your case now.