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VICOR’s Software Products Enhance the Sage 100, Infor and other ERPs
VICOR has created productivity enhancements which can greatly improve the value of your ERP by improving processes and enhancing efficiency.  Each product is unique in its capabilities and cost effective to introduce to your company.  Coming exclusively from VICOR, you can receive demonstrations and quotes from our technical and sales staff members.

CIP Online Bill Payments (TM)
Eliminate "check is in the mail" and speed up collections.  CIP eliminates collection delays, giving your clients the convenience of the internet by allowing them to pay your invoices on-line.  With a link on your website, clients securely select their invoices and make payments by personal check, corporate check or credit card in a PCI compliant environment.  Payments are made and information stored offsite in a data vault so that you are not storing credit card or bank information in your system.  CIP (PDF)

CIP Donor Edition (TM)
Take donations on line and have the payments automatically post to your Sage 100 cash receipts. Your donors can make payments with security in a PCI compliant environment similar to CIP Online Bill Payments (TM). Donors select the amount of the donation as well as if it is a recurring donation and select the payment method (check or credit card).  The interface is customizable for identifying other information such as tribute information or campaign.  Reduce the administration of your donor receipts without expensive member management software. CIP Donor (PDF)

DataTrap (TM) Bubble Forms - Electronic Data Collection Forms
Streamline your data collection efforts with DataTrap (TM). DataTrap (TM) is a custom PDF form which can be distributed by email or used by a kiosk or other method of delivery which collects information input to the form.  Information providers are not asked to log in to a system or go to a website because information is transmitted in a secure form to a database of your choice.  Whether used by doctor/dentist offices to get first time patient information or tradeshow contact information transmitted to your CRM, DataTrap (TM) can improve efficiency while providing a security layer between the information provider and your internal system.  DataTrap (PDF)

ScanMAS (TM) Barcode Scanning for Sage 100
If you find that barcode scanning software for Sage 100 is expensive and difficult to implement then ask us about ScanMAS (TM).  Designed to work with Sage 100, ScanMAS (TM) uses Sage 100's own customization and integration capabilities for provide a seamless solution without the cost of the more expensive systems.  The system utilizes the inexpensive Uintech HT 630 mobile computer for goods receipt, physical inventory, transfers, and shipping.  Also works with the job cost module.  ScanMAS (PDF)