Insperity TimeSheet Sage 100 Version

Insperity TimeSheet seamlessly integrates with Sage 100 and can grow with your company. It supports connectivity to the Microsoft SQL Express and Microsoft SQL database platforms, providing smaller companies with exceptional tools for time tracking and reporting on projects and expenses.

Insperity TimeSheet Sage 500 Version

Insperity TimeSheet integrates with Sage 500 offering an Enterprise Solution; Sage 500 is tailored for larger companies that desire a fully-customizable, enterprise solution for project expense and time tracking.

Powerful Features in a Flexible Product

1) PC or Web-based Time Tracking - Insperity TimeSheet Professional includes a PC and Web-based timesheet interface, allowing remote team members easy access to project assignments from anywhere in the world. The Web browser module supports both Windows Internet Explorer and Apple Safari browsers so you can get your company up and running quickly, even when utilizing multi-platform environments.

2) Time-Saving Workflow Approval Processes - The approval process is easy with e-mail notifications that include reminders to employees, managers and administrators about timesheets that do not meet defined criteria. Email notifications include approval process steps. Managers can approve or reject multiple timesheets in a one-step process that can reduce administrative tasks and save time.

3) Detailed Expense Tracking - Get detailed information on expenses, including daily, weekly and monthly by expense code, the sum of expenses by project and more. You can assign an unlimited number of expense codes, and provide default expense values to certain expenses such as mileage. The easy approval workflow process allows managers to approve expenses independently from project timesheets.

4) Time Clock - With the Time Clock, employees can "clock in" and "clock out" at workstations when they log-in to Sage TimeSheet Professional, eliminating the need for a separate time clock interface and duplicate entry of employee time.

5) Complete Budgeting and Scheduling - Insperity TimeSheet Professional provides a powerful Project Budgeting module that allows you to forecast and track budgets for specific projects. It also allows you to create and schedule work hours for employees and assign them to workgroups, so you have complete control of project management tasks.

Insperity TimeSheet Professional Features (pdf)

Web Timesheets (pdf)